Free Tools for BigCommerce Stores

Think of Your Store Tools as a magical toolkit that offers you a range of options to streamline your operations, reduce the number of steps required to complete tasks, and simplify the management of your store’s data, ultimately saving you valuable time.

Our free tools are currently available for BigCommerce stores.  Select tools will soon be available for Shopify and Turbify.
Click here to request a specific tool for your platform, or to submit an idea for a new tool.

301 Redirect Uploader

FREE! With this tool, you can avoid the tiresome task of entering 301 redirects individually by uploading them in a CSV file to your eCommerce store.

Download Product Images

FREE! This tool generates a ZIP file that contains your product images along with an optional CSV file to assist with importing them back into your store or another platform.

Import Products

FREE! Use this tool to import a CSV file to your store to either update existing products that you edited offline or use it to create brand-new products in bulk.

Export Products

FREE! Export your products into a CSV file for convenient offline editing, giving you the flexibility to make changes and updates to your product catalog offline for import later.

Import Categories

FREE! This tool provides a convenient and efficient way to manage categories within your store. You can easily create new categories or update existing ones by uploading a CSV file.

Export Categories

FREE! Export all categories from your store into a single CSV file, enabling you to make changes and updates to your categories that you can import later.

Export Variants

FREE! Export your product variants for offline editing and then use our import tool to update them in bulk.

Variant Updater

FREE! This tool allows you to update product variant data such as price or weight using a CSV file.

DMARC Report Analyzer

FREE! Upload a ZIP or XML file of your DMARC report to receive a simplified results summary and error report so you can take action.

Premium Tools for Enhanced Functionality

CopyCat Category Duplicator

PREMIUM $ Allows you to copy categories in your BigCommerce store to allow them to be visible in more than one location. A great way to increase product visibility.


Price Updater

PREMIUM $ Quickly update price, sale price, MSRP, and cost on items and variants in bulk using the product SKU without the need for the BigCommerce Product ID.


Bulk Image Uploader

PREMIUM $ Upload product images in bulk with a ZIP file. You can also include a CSV for image ALT tags and SEO-friendly image names.


WebDAV File Manager

PREMIUM $ Quickly and efficiently upload images as well as content such as PDF's, audio files and downloadable files using WebDAV through our web-based interface.


Inventory Updater

PREMIUM $ Update inventory stock levels, set low stock levels, and select whether or not to track inventory by product or variant by uploading a .CSV file.


Bulk Coupon Creator

PREMIUM $ Create coupon codes in bulk along with setting usage options and rules.


Update Guest Orders

PREMIUM $ This tool links guest orders to customer accounts by matching email addresses. It automatically associates first-time guest orders with existing accounts for seamless order management.


Suggest a Tool

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Need Support?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply visit to create an account, or to log in. 

If this is your first time creating an account, we have instructions that go over what’s needed during the account creation process located here.

It’s important to note, that if you will need to have “Store Owner” level access in order to connect Your Store Tools to your BigCommerce store.

Yes!  Our basic set of free tools is yours to use as much as you want for no additional cost!

Premium tools such as CopyCat Category Duplicator offer an advanced set of features, or add additional functionality to your store.  These tools are available for purchase on a monthly basis and are also available through the BigCommerce or Shopify app stores.

Currently, we offer the following free tools:

  • Product Export
  • Product Import
  • Category Export
  • Category Import
  • Product Image Downloader
  • URL Redirect Uploader
  • Variant Updater
  • Product Variant Export

These are accessible by simply creating an account!  You can purchase our premium tools and apps as add-ons, but feel free to use all our free tools as much as you want!

Currently, our tools are available for the BigCommerce platform.

We are working on making select free and premium tools available for both the Shopify and Turbify platforms.

If you’d like to have an existing tool available for your platform, or if you have an idea for a tool, let us know by filling out this form.

If Your Store Wizards created a custom tool for your store, we automatically include it in your dashboard so you have easy access to it!

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.  Your Store Tools is fully supported by our team of developers, so when the need arises, simply email us at

We also have complete documentation for all our tools located in our help center here.

For nearly 25 years Your Store Wizards has been serving the needs of eCommerce store owners by providing custom programming solutions, new store builds or redesigns, and migration services for those looking to switch platforms.

We are also one of the most experienced developers who work on the Turbify (formerly Yahoo! Store) platform in addition to being a BigCommerce Elite developer partner.  We also offer our services to those on Shopify.  

In addition, we have several apps in both the BigCommerce and Shopify app stores which you can view here.

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