Our Variant Export Tool allows you to export your product’s variants for offline editing or using with our Variant Updater Tool.

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This support article contains several sections which can be accessed quickly by clicking the appropriate link below:

Export Product Variants

From the Export Product Variants tile, click on Export Product Variants

The Select Product screen will allow you to select several options for your export file, including:

If none of the options are selected, all product variants will be exported.

Once your selection is made, click Next.

From the Export Variants screen, you can choose what data to include in your export file. Available options include:

Once your selections are made, click Next.

By default, Your Store Tools will email you when the process is complete.  If you choose to receive this notification, verify your email address is correct before clicking Submit. A notification will also appear in the notification center.

Did you find an error or need additional support? Contact us at support@yourstorewizards.com to let us know!