Your Store Tools requires certain permissions, or OAuth scopes, to be set in order to for our tools to communicate and function properly with your store.

Various permission levels are required for all apps and tools built by all 3rd party developers that connect to BigCommerce and utilize the platform’s multiple APIs to carry out the app or tool’s intended functions.

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OAuth Scope Settings & Usage

As of August 23, 2023, Your Store Tools requires the following OAuth scopes to be set:

Content = Modify

Customers = Read-Only

Information & Settings = Read-Only

Marketing = Modify

Orders = Modify

Products = Modify

Sites & Routes = Read-Only

Channel Settings = Read-Only

Channel Listings = Read-Only

How Your Store Tools Uses Your Data

Your Store Wizards, the developer of Your Store Tools takes your data seriously. As a developer with a quarter-century history of providing eCommerce store owners with tools, apps, and programming services our commitment to privacy is unwavering.

By using Your Store Tools, we can assure you that we do not:

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