Options ToolTip allows you to enhance your product pages with additional information about product options without cluttering your item page. Once installed, the Options ToolTip displays helpful details when shoppers hover over the ToolTip icon, making it easier for them to understand complex product options and make informed choices.

Options ToolTip is not a self installable app and installation must be done by one of our developers. Once you purchase Options ToolTip, you will need to grant store access for us to complete the installation.

Granting Your Store Wizards Access to Your Store

Log into your BigCommerce control panel, and go to Account Settings > Users:



Click on Create a User Account:



Enter the following information for Your Store Wizards to have access to your store:

  • Email: support@yourstorewizards.com
  • Status: Active
  • Preferred language: English
  • User Role: Custom
  • Under System Admin Permissions, check the following boxes:
    • Manage Settings
    • Store Design
    • Design Mode
    • Use Script Manager


Click Save.

Once the new user is created, please email us at support@yourstorewizards.com to let us know access has been granted so we can begin the installation of Options ToolTip.


Setting Up or Editing ToolTips

To set up various ToolTips for your store, you will first need to launch the Page Builder, where settings are located and controlled.

To do this, log into your BigCommerce control panel and:

  • If you do not have multi storefront, go to Storefront > Themes and click on Customize.
  • If you have multi storefront, go to Channel Manager and choose the storefront Tool Tip is installed on and click on Edit Theme.


The Page Builder will then load:


From the Page Builder navigation bar, click on the painter's pallet icon which will open up the Theme Styles menu:



Click on Custom Fields to open the settings for ToolTips:



By default, we provide you with 14 fields for entering custom ToolTips, just ask us for more if needed!

Under Product Options & Description, enter (X is the value of the Tool Tip 1-14):

  • Title X - the name of the option this Tool Tip should correlate to.
  • Description X - the text to display when the shopper hovers over the Tool Tip icon next to the item option.


When complete, click Save at the top of Page Builder and when you're ready to make your changes live, click Publish.

Did you find an error or need additional support? Contact us at support@yourstorewizards.com to let us know!