This tool allows you to export your products as a .CSV or Microsoft Excel file from your BigCommerce store for editing offline.

Please note, the Product Export tool does not support item variants. To export variants, use our Variant Export tool.

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Selecting Products to Export

To export products from your BigCommerce store, first select which products you want to export.  There are several options:

By leaving all conditions in their default state, all products in your store will be queued for downloading.  Once selections are made, click Next.

If you’d like to enter a custom name for your download file, you may enter it in the Filename box or leave it as is.

Choose the file type for your download.  Available options are .CSV and Microsoft Excel.

Now select which fields you would like to include as part of the export.  By default, we select the most popular fields, but you can check or uncheck the ones you want to include/exclude.  Simply unselect the ones you do not want to include, then click Next.

By default, Your Store Tools will email you when your export is complete.  If you choose to receive this notification, verify your email address is correct before clicking Submit.  If you do not want to receive an email notification, simply click the No box followed by Submit.

Once your file is ready for download, you will receive a notification either by email or in the Your Store Tools Notification Center, which is the “bell” in the upper right corner.  

The notification will provide you with a link to download your file.

Additional Tool Features

To view the history of this tool’s use, click the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of the tool’s tile and select History

This quick view allows you to:

You can also filter results by job status.

Available Support Videos

How to Export Products from BigCommerce

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