This tool allows you to download all or select images from your store in a ZIP file along with an optional CSV file that can be used to import into BigCommerce.

Along with your images, you can choose to have a CSV file included with your download.  This file is useful if you plan to bulk upload the images back into this, a different store, or another website such as a WordPress blog.

The CSV file will contain the following fields:

  • id – the BigCommerce product ID
  • Product Image ID – the ID code assigned to the image by BigCommerce
  • Product Image File – the full URL of the image, which includes the base URL as defined in the setting outlined below

If you plan on uploading the images to your store, or another website and would like to include a URL path to the images, enter the full URL including the image directory followed by a “/” in the Image Location field.

An example of what this CSV file would look like is below:

If you do not want to include a CSV file, select No.  The Image Location field is not required when opting out of a CSV file.

Once all your selections are made, click Next.

By default, Your Store Tools will provide a notification on the dashboard as well as a notification via email when the job is complete.  If you choose not to receive a notification via email, you can turn this option off on this screen, or change the email address it will be sent to.

Once your selection is made, click Submit to finish.


By accessing the stacked menu in the upper right corner of the tool's tile from the dashboard, you can access the following:

  • History - a list of the last 7 days of processing history for this tool.
  • Help - a link to this support document.


You can also access the ZIP file of your images by clicking on the stacked menu on the job itself.

Did you find an error or need additional support? Contact us at to let us know!