Your Store Tools is like a magic toolbox full of time-saving tools designed to make managing your eCommerce store and its data much easier.

We offer both free and paid tools for BigCommerce which can only be accessed by first creating an account.  This multi-step process will require you to have “Store Owner” access to your BigCommerce store in order to grant API access.

Article Contents

This support article contains several sections which can be accessed quickly by clicking the appropriate link below:

Creating a Your Store Tools Account

Go to and click on create a new account.

On the User screen, fill in all the requested information, then click Next.

Please note, when creating your password, it must be a minimum of 8 characters.

The Setup Store Profile screen is where you will link your BigCommerce store to Your Store Tools. You must have “Store Owner” access to complete this step.  If you do not have “Store Owner” access to the BigCommerce store, please have the individual with that level of access create the account.  

For Store Name enter the name of your store.

For Store URL enter the URL of your store.

For API Path, Client ID, Client Secret, and Access Token you will need to head over to your BigCommerce store and create an API account.

Select your Timezone, then click Submit.

Creating an API Account in BigCommerce

Once again, you will need “Store Owner” access to the BigCommerce store in order to complete these steps, as “Store Owner” is the only level of access that can create an API account.

Setting Up Your Company Profile

On the Setup Company Profile screen, please complete the remaining information to complete your profile. We will NOT collect any billing information during this process.

Once you click Submit, you will have access to the dashboard, so feel free to use all the available free tools!

Did you find an error or need additional support? Contact us at to let us know!