This documentation is for BigCommerce stores that do not have Multi-Storefront enabled.  If you have Multi-Storefront, please click here for the documentation for Multi-Storefront stores. 

CopyCat Category Duplicator allows you to duplicate or copy a category in your BigCommerce store,  CopyCat Category Duplicator also sets up canonical tags, to help with duplicate content, you will need to reference the article how to edit your theme to get Canonicals to show.  

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Duplicate or Copy a Category

Select the category you want to duplicate or copy from the Select Category dropdown.  This dropdown will show both parent and child categories as well as ones that are visible or marked as hidden. 

Once you select the category you want to duplicate or copy, additional options will appear:

If you selected, No, just copy the category additional fields will be displayed on the screen:

Click Submit

You can then find the CopyCat category in the new parent by logging into your BigCommerce Store and viewing Products > Categories.

To avoid duplicate content penalties, CopyCat-created category pages set to synch automatically have a canonical link tag placed in the Meta Keywords field which is viewable under SEO settings.  CopyCat-created category pages that do not sync, will not have canonicals added. It is highly recommended that this is NOT REMOVED.   Also please see, how to edit your theme to get Canonicals to show.  

How to Edit Copied or Duplicated Categories

Click View Categories to bring up a window that will display a listing of all your CopyCat categories:

The columns displayed on the screen are:

Using the hamburger menu in the right corner, additional options include:

Click Edit within the table, this will open a window where you can edit your CopyCat category just as you did when you originally set up the CopyCat.

Important Note: If you are changing your CopyCat category from “sync” to “copy,” you will need to remove the canonical link in the Meta Keywords field in your BigCommerce Store as this is not done automatically.

How to Set a Sync Time

CopyCat will automatically run and sync any changes to your categories at a set time each day. You are able to set the time of day you want your sync to run.  The time is associated with your time zone.   

It’s important to note that category synching is done via the CopyCat app. If your free trial has expired and you did not purchase CopyCat, or you have canceled your CopyCat subscription, any categories set to sync will no longer sync with the original.

To edit your daily time, select Sync Settings:

Once you click on the Sync Settings, you’ll see the following, where you can set your daily sync time.

Choose a time and click  Submit.

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How to Duplicate a Category in BigCommerce

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