You can add additional stores to your Your Store Tools account buy completing the following steps:

Log in to Your Store Tools and from the dashboard, click Stores on the left navigation bar.

Click on New Store.

Using the information obtained in Step 1, fill out the form with:

  • Platform - the platform your store is running on (BigCommerce, Shopify, Turbify, Other)
  • Name - the name of the store
  • URL - the full URL of the store
  • For API Path, Client ID, Client Secret, and Access Token you will refer to the information created in Step 1.
  • Timezone - your timezone


Once complete, click Create or Create & Create Another if you want to add an additional store.

The store will now appear in the Select Store dropdown on the dashboard.


Resolving API Errors & Other Information

In order to complete this step, you will need to have Store Owner access in BigCommerce.

  • Log into your BigCommerce Store
  • Go to Settings and scroll down to API
  • Click on Store-level API Accounts (on some older accounts, this may be named API Accounts)
  • Click on +Create API Account
  • For Token Type select V2/V3 API Token.
  • Enter a Name for the Token such as Your Store Tools
  • Copy and paste the API Path into the corresponding field in the Your Store Tools setup wizard
  • Your Store Tools require certain permissions, or “OAuth scopes,” which allow individual tools to read and modify information in the store. All 3rd party tools and apps that connect to BigCommerce must have certain permissions set in order to work. If they aren’t granted, or improper access is granted, tools and apps will error. For more detailed information about why we require certain permissions and how we treat data, click here.To allow Your Store Tools to properly communicate with your store, please leave all OAuth scopes set to the default, None, except for:
    • Content = Modify
    • Customers = read-only
    • Information & settings = read-only
    • Marketing = Modify
    • Orders = Modify
    • Products = Modify
    • Sites & routes = read-only
    • Channel settings = read-only
    • Channel listings = read-only
  • Click Save
  • The pop-up window will display the Client IDClient Secret, and Access Token which you will copy and paste into the corresponding fields in the Your Store Tools setup wizard.  Please note, this information will also automatically be downloaded as a .txt file.



If you are receiving API permission errors when trying to use certain Your Store Tools, you may have outdated or incorrect API settings. To resolve this, you will need to create new API keys (process outlined above) in your BigCommerce store and update them in Your Store Tools.

Once your new API keys are created, complete the following steps to update them in Your Store Tools:

  • In Your Store Tools, choose Stores from the left-hand navigation
  • Click Edit next to the store you want to provide the updated credentials for
  • Copy and paste the new Access TokenClient ID and Client Secret into the appropriate fields
  • Click Save Changes

Your Store Tools requires certain permissions, or OAuth scopes, to be set in order to for our tools to communicate and function properly with your store.

Various permission levels are required for all apps and tools built by all 3rd party developers that connect to BigCommerce and utilize the platform’s multiple APIs to carry out the app or tool’s intended functions.

As of August 23, 2023, Your Store Tools requires the following OAuth scopes to be set:

Content = Modify

  • Used by the 301 Redirect tool.
  • This allows the tool to view and modify redirects.


Customers = Read-Only

  • Used by the Update Guest Order tool
  • This allows the tool to search customers by email address to link guest orders to existing customers.


Information & Settings = Read-Only

  • Used to check store API status, determine if the store has multi-storefront enabled, and get the store plan to determine rate limiting.
  • This allows our tools to view general store information and settings.


Marketing = Modify

  • Used by Bulk Coupon Creator to view and modify marketing information including coupons, gift certificates, banners, and promotions.
  • If there is no intention to use a tool that requires Modify permissions, this can be set to Read-Only. However, new API keys will need to be created in order to access the excluded tool in the future.


Orders = Modify

  • Used by the Update Guest Order tool
  • This allows our tool to associate a guest order with an existing customer account.


Products = Modify

  • Used by all tools in the suite, except Bulk Coupon Creator.
  • This allows our tools to view and modify products, brands, categories, and other product information.


Sites & Routes = Read-Only

  • Only used with stores that are multi-storefront.
  • This allows our tools to view external storefronts with non-BigCommerce URLs such as headless storefronts.


Channel Settings = Read-Only

  • Only used with stores that are multi-storefront.
  • This allows our tools to view a list of channels and storefronts.


Channel Listings = Read-Only

  • Only used with stores that are multi-storefront.
  • This allows our tools to view a list of all channel listings for a particular channel or storefront.

Your Store Wizards, the developer of Your Store Tools takes your data seriously. As a developer with a quarter-century history of providing eCommerce store owners with tools, apps, and programming services our commitment to privacy is unwavering.

By using Your Store Tools, we can assure you that we do not:

  • Use any of your data for any other purpose other than carrying out the intended function of the specific tool.
  • Store any of your data for longer than the time it takes for a tool to process and complete a job, after which data is immediately destroyed.
  • Store any of your requested downloads for more than 7 days, after which data is immediately destroyed.
  • Have access to credit card information provided to you by your customers. As part of our service, we do have access to your own credit card information which is used to bill you for any applicable Your Store Tools service fees.
  • Share any of your data, uploaded files, or downloaded files.
  • Use any of your data for analytical purposes, even in the aggregate.
  • Sell, rent, trade, or provide any of your personal, store, or customer information to any 3rd party for marketing or analytical purposes.
  • Request any OAuth Scopes that are not required for our tools to function.
  • Request any OAuth Scope permission levels that are above the minimum required for our tools to function.


If you have questions regarding how we use your data as part of the Your Store Tools suite, don’t hesitate to contact us at

For our overall company Privacy Policy, please click here.

Did you find an error or need additional support? Contact us at to let us know!