Tools to Make managing your Online Store easier!

Think of Your Store Tools as a magical toolkit that offers you a range of options to streamline your operations, reduce the number of steps required to complete tasks, and simplify the management of your store’s data, ultimately saving you valuable time.

Free Tools for Your Online Store

URL Redirect Uploader

FREE! This tool allows you to upload redirects to your BigCommerce store through a file upload instead of the tedious process of manually entering them one at a time.

Download Product Images

FREE! Download a .zip file containing all your store's product images. An optional CSV file will be provided, which can be used to import the images into BigCommerce or another platform.

Import Products

FREE! By importing a file, you have the ability to update existing products or create new ones in your BigCommerce store.

Export Products

FREE! Export all products from your BigCommerce store into one file for offline editing.

Import Categories

FREE! By importing a file, you have the ability to update existing categories or create new ones in your BigCommerce store.​

Export Categories

FREE! Export all your categories from your BigCommerce store into one file for offline editing.​

Premium Tools for Enhanced Functionality

CopyCat Category Duplicator

PREMIUM $ Allows you to copy categories in your BigCommerce store to allow them to be visible in more than one location. A great way to increase product visibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply visit to create an account!  

We have instructions that go over what’s needed during the account creation process located here.

Yes!  Our basic set of free tools is yours to use as much as you want for no additional cost!

Premium tools such as CopyCat Category Duplicator offer an advanced set of features, or add additional functionality to your store.  These tools are available for purchase on a monthly basis and are also available through the BigCommerce App Store.

Currently, we offer the following free tools:

  • Product Export
  • Product Import
  • Category Export
  • Category Import
  • Product Image Downloader
  • URL Redirect Uploader


These are accessible by simply creating an account!  You can purchase our Premium Apps as add-ons, but feel free to use all our free tools!

Some of our tools are designed for use on BigCommerce, Shopify, and Turbify stores.  Once your store is linked to your account, you will only have access to the tools compatible with your platform.

If Your Store Wizards created a custom tool for your store, we automatically include it in your Tools Dashboard so you have easy access to it!

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.  Your Store Tools is fully supported by our team of developers, so when the need arises, simply email us at

We also have complete documentation for all our tools located in our help center here.

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